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A smart healthcare platform for everyone. Qural offers one integrated, omni channel platform to access all your healthcare needs.

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About Qural Healthcare

A smart healthcare platform for everyone. Qural offers one integrated, omni channel platform to access all your healthcare needs. Online and in-person doctor consultations (at all leading hospitals), book lab appointments at NABL certified labs after searching and comparing prices at all labs nearest to your location and order medicines with 25% flat discount on MRPs. And you can do much more.

Our omni channel options lets you access your healthcare needs in any way you prefer – Qural app, website, WhatsApp, SMS, phone or email.

Qural is India’s one and only 100% HIPAA compliant healthcare platform that is fully secure and private. Our online video platform is fully encrypted from end to end. All of your data is encrypted at rest as well as in transit.


Lab Appointments

Book Lab Test Appointment At Any Leading Lab
(Website | App | WhatsApp | SMS | Email | Phone)

Medicine Orders

Order Medicines And Save 25% on MRP
(Website | App | WhatsApp | SMS | Email | Phone)

Online Consultations

Book Online Appointment With Specialist Doctors
(Website | App | WhatsApp | SMS | Email | Phone)

Hospital Visits

Book Doctor Appointment At Any Leading Hospital
(Website | App | WhatsApp | SMS | Email | Phone)

Our Lab Partners

Save up to 50% on MRP when you book an appointment at these labs.

Vijaya Diagnostics Lucid Diagnostics Aarthi Scans & Labs Sprint Diagnostics

Our Hospital Partners

Get ₹200 cashback when you book an appointment at these hospitals.

Customer Reviews

This is most helpful app in this pandemic situation and medicines also delivered in a timely manner whenever ordered.


Bhanu Prakash


Thanks to Dr Ramakrishna Garu for timely help ,we both recovered from corona . Excellent app timely response

Lakshmi Raghavasarma


Excellent service and ontime delivery.

Harini B


I am happy with Doctor Consultation, I installed Long back took consultation and ordered medicines few months back. I felt little hard but support team helped me alot and made easy without any hesitation in polite manner. The way u approach me again for reorder medicines and consultation was good.

P Jhansi Rani


Very useful app for patients to get medicines, appointments with doctors, and all types of lab tests at door step. This is very useful app. Great experience.

Hari Prasad Pallata


Good app... Providing alround solution for the medical needs... Thoroughly enjoyed using this app, not only for the medications and appointments and the information provided in the videos were very helpful... Thank You Qural...

Tagore Battula


This is the best app on my phone without a doubt! Essential healthcare on hands. No annoying ads and it's entirely free. Thank you Qural team for creating such an amazing app.

Vinay Nilgiri


Qural has been very helpful during this lockdown period. It has been easier in ordering and getting medications door delivered. I would recommend this app to others too.

Elangi Vinesh


Great app. Earlier my parents were failing to remember taking medicine supposed to take regularly, or were taking over dose sometimes. But now Qural's Medication reminders feature helping them to take their medicine regularly & on time, without missing. It is very helpful app for elderly persons.

Ravikiran Rangi


It is a very useful app.It was not at all complicated to use .it is a very user friendly app

Sailaja Tumu


I have used this app many times and got good response and best discounts. This is very useful and hepful to everyone.

Bhanu Prakash


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